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Our brand is like a unique person.

Our brand guidelines are all about getting to know the cool human we essentially are - both inside and out - so you always know the reasons why and how we: look (bright, minimalistic, polished), sound (straight-forward, confident, smart) and act (approachable, pro-consumer, sometimes pretty funny). To make it easier for you to get to know us better, we've created this portal that organizes everything you may need to know about our brand, from color palletes, logo usage, typography, copy, and more. We love that you love our brand (we're pretty awesome). Almost as much as we love helping people save money.

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Meet Lenny

Who is Lenny?

Lenny is a cute, cuddly, cynical, bitingly honest, ultra-confident and utterly shameless spokes puppet for LendingTree. That said, being a cute green puppet, Lenny exercises the right to say whatever he likes, whenever he likes, to whomever he likes. Although edgy, Lenny is very likeable and not pushy or mean-spirited. To learn more about Lenny, visit our company brand guidelines.

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