Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Experts

Tendayi Kapfidze

Lead Economist

Tendayi Kapfidze is Chief Economist at LendingTree. He leads the company’s analysis of the U.S. economy with a focus on housing and mortgage market trends. Tendayi utilizes data analysis to be a resource for both consumers and trade media, providing actionable insights to help consumers make informed financial decisions.

Matt Schulz

Chief Credit Analyst

Matt has been covering the personal finance space for a decade, mostly focusing on credit cards. He’s been quoted in or appeared on Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and hundreds of other media outlets around the U.S. and the world.

Ken Tumin

Senior Industry Analyst - Savings

Ken started the BankDeals blog which eventually evolved into as a hobby to help people find the best deals at banks and credit unions. In addition to reports on deals, he also describes his experiences on opening accounts and dealing with the banks. Plus, Ken tries to keep everyone updated on the important banking news relevant to savers.