November 18, 2020, Food & Wine

Expect Your Turkey to Cost a Little More This Year

The number crunchers at LendingTree have released their annual survey into the cost of Thanksgiving. Read more about the findings on Food & Wine!
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November 15, 2020, Arizona Republic

What Biden and other Democrats have proposed for 401(k) plans, home ownership and building wealth

LendingTree recently summarized Biden's housing platform. The many proposals range from creating a bill of rights for homeowners/renters to devising new appraisal standards to weed out racial bias in the homeownership/mortgage process.
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November 14, 2020, Washington Post

LendingTree Survey Featured in Washington Post Opinion Column

A survey conducted in September by LendingTree found almost three-quarters of small-business owners racked up debt in the struggle to keep their enterprises alive.
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