Go to college. Get rich.

Let’s face it: it is not likely that you will get rich while you are in college. In fact, you are probably going to struggle with money. Since you are in school, you probably won’t be able work enough to make as much money as you like, and you probably lack the experience and knowledge to be a high-earning professional in your field of study. So, while you probably won’t strike it rich as a college student, there are some things you can do to keep as much money as possible while earning your degree.

Get paid to go to college
Rather than using all of your savings for college or going into to debt from student loans, consider looking into other means of paying for college. There are a number of scholarships available to students. You can get scholarships based on athletic ability, high test scores and good grades, or for any number of other reasons -- such being legatee at a university. You may also want to look into work study programs which pay you to work in a specific field of study. Your high school or college guidance counselor should be able to help you navigate the world of scholarships and work study programs. You may not get rich this way, but it will help you spend less of the money you and your family have saved for college; and you can use it to cover other expenses.

Spend wisely
Instead of trying to get rich as a college student, you should focus on how to not get poor! That means knowing how to budget your money and how to manage the use of a credit card. It can be tempting for college students to use credit cards to cover the costs of midnight pizzas, trips to the coffee shop and tickets to football games, but this can lead to some serious problems with debt. If you need help coming up with a solid budgeting plan, talk to a representative of your bank so you get through college without graduating into debt.

Consider working
A part-time job is a great way to help cover expenses while you are in college. If you have the opportunity to work in your field, it can be an invaluable entry on your resume. A part-time job is also an easy way to make connections within the business world, which can also be an asset when you graduate. If you do decide to work while in school, remember to keep sight of your goal of getting your degree. Ask your employer for flexible work hours around midterms and final exams so that you can make the most of your job and your grades.

You may not get rich overnight with these tips, but using them can lay a good foundation for future financial success.


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