Travel cheaply in college

College is a time for broadening your horizons both on and off campus. Want to see the world on a budget? Read on and explore some of your options:

Studying abroad
One of the first places to begin looking is at your college. Many universities have study abroad programs -- some focus on second language acquisition, others on a field of study relevant to a particular country. Usually, the program costs include tuition, plus housing and a meal plan. Many programs abroad also offer weekend trips to surrounding cities, so you’ll get to experience even more. These study abroad programs can be less expensive than enrolling in a foreign university and having to find housing on your own.

If your college doesn’t offer a program in a country where you’d like to study, you might want to check out other universities, the Institute for the International Education of Students or Global Learning Semesters. Your college or library can also provide good resources on other study abroad opportunities.

Vacation travel
For vacation travel deals, check out student airfare and accommodation specials offered by companies like Student Universe and STA Travel. Companies like these offer discounts to students who submit a college e-mail account ending in the suffix .edu.

Youth hostels
Students can also stay in youth hostels for a lot less than it costs to book a hotel. Youth hostels are usually conveniently located in urban settings close to transportation and other services. They’re also a great way to meet other students who are traveling. Just book early to be sure you get a spot.


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