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Founded in 2011, QuickBridge is the brainchild of innovators in the business lending field who noticed that amazing companies, through no fault of their own, couldn’t access working capital through the usual sources. We set out to fix what was broken in the industry: no more mountains of paperwork, long delays, or bait-and-switch offers that weren’t in the best interest of the business. We have made the application process easier, which makes approvals faster—instead of waiting weeks to obtain much-needed financing, our customers can receive funding in just a few days. We have shaped a culture of fierce transparency, unrelenting professionalism and unwavering dedication to providing the highest levels of service. At QuickBridge, our goal is to be an extension of customers’ businesses—becoming an integral part of why they grow and thrive. As a result, more than 72 percent of our repeat customers see their business revenues improve.

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DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! I’d give 0 stars if I could

We initiated a very small personal loan Jan 1. We needed the money quickly for our business implement but have been using our personal account due to divorce and relocation. We were completely transparent and provided non-stop, excessive documentation for over a week. We were told we were approved & $ would be deposited 1/9 (which was WAY past the promise date of 48 hrs at 1st call). 1/10, when we called our bank to check funds & AFTER we wrote a check for our business that day bc we were told we were approved & funds were being deposited, we found out we were overdrawn bc Quickbridge insisted on using our business account for our personal loan AND then denied us without informing us BUT withdrew $ from our business account for daily fees....... we would not have caught this without checking the account. Further, we had 3/4 of the loan amount in our personal a count AAAAAND plenty of collateral. They wasted our time when we could’ve gone elsewhere for quick $ and charged us fees and possibly a bank overdraft fee but fortunately, we have a good reputation & rapport with our bank.
NEVER, EVER AGAIN! I was iffy to trust this online bank garbage & QUICKBRIDGE just confirmed my suspicions. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!

QuickBridge does not make personal loans under any circumstance. We are strictly a business lender. As such, we are legally required to deposit funds into - and pull ACH payments from - a business bank account. No exceptions. It is unfortunate this customer misunderstood the loan terms. When it appeared they intended to use the funds for personal reasons, the loan was cancelled due to breach of contract.
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    Small Business Loan
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    Lender Review

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