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Customer service is a way of life at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Our philosophy is that Fairway and the customer are a TEAM. We work with you to make the dream of owning a home a reality. Fairway's flexibility to act as either a direct lender or as a mortgage broker ensures that we will find the right loan product at the best price to fit each customer's specific needs.
 We specialize in assisting First Time Homebuyers and Military Veterans with little or no money down loan products, which include using Down Payment Assistance programs. Our experience and knowledge of government (HUD/FHA/VA) loan programs make buying your first home or relocating to your new military post simple and stress free. We offer a complete line of loan products including programs for customers with less than perfect credit. Our ability to connect you with a local and professional Realtor may allow you to move into your new home with ZERO OUT OF POCKET COSTS!
 Our goal is to expedite and streamline the loan process, educate our customers, customize the loan program to meet your financial goals and become your lender for life. By consistently providing outstanding customer service, Fairway customers become not only our friends, but our Raving Fans.

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Poor communication throughout.

This was my first time buying a home, and I went with Fairway and the Potempa team randomly after some google searches for a lender. I was in a rush because I received a counteroffer after escrow fell through on another party, and so time was of the essence in this case as the seller really wanted to get things done. Now, I can speak medical jargon beyond fluently, but I am as green as it gets when it comes to anything in the mortgage/lending/real estate business. The company seemed great at the beginning. Reaching out constantly, texting me and emailing me about how they were available 24/7 day or night for any questions or concerns. However once the ball got rolling and it was too late to turn back, this turned out to be not the case at all. Every email and text was either replied to or not replied to on a completely random basis, regardless of the importance of the subject, and it became a shot in the dark on whether or not I would even receive a reply at all when contacting them (and if this cares to be debated, I have all of the screenshots to prove it). There were also numerous people involved throughout, and the delineation of their roles in the process was never clearly explained at all. It seemed to me that once the deal was locked in, they knew they were going to get their money and I became a bit of an afterthought as they were likely more interested in just finding and locking in the next deal. I can tell you with confidence that I’m no high maintenance customer by any means. I just expect a level of professionalism and communication, especially with a major life decision such as a first time home purchase. I don’t know if this is how every company operates, but it was disappointing to say the least. And the lack of communication wasn’t from just one bad apple, it came from multiple members of the team. Additionally, as things came to an end, I was promised a specific close date and told that I would have keys in hand the following day, and so I made arrangements based off of that promise. Unfortunately, that also fell through and was pushed back, which required me changing work/uhaul/moving help plans. As the close went through, it unfortunately felt like nothing more than an impersonal business transaction from their end. I have friends telling me about how their lender sent them a gift basket or a card or some sort of congratulations (not like I was expecting that, but it just shows that there are companies out there that will go above and beyond), but nothing from Fairway or the Potempa team other than a clearly prewritten email thanking me (and I’m sure everyone else) for being such an amazing customer and asking for a 5 star review. Again, I don’t know this business and don’t know if it’s just the norm, but the abysmal communication is an extremely unprofessional way to operate, especially with a first time home buyer. At the end of the day, the deal closed, but I felt stressed out the majority of the time because of the communication issues. In the future, I would absolutely do a little more research beforehand and explore other options.

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This is my honest review, I'm sure Diane Fry's office might be good for some people but for me it was no picnic and added additional stress to an already stressful process. I do understand how extensive the underwriting process is and the verification that needs to be done. Unfortunately due to character limits I can not go through the details, however I would be happy to provide my feedback to Diane. Overall, it was not a terrible experience, but I would not recommend to my friends or family.

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Poor communication on the overall process. It was not clear that multiple people from multiple offices would be calling us. This is confusing and makes the process seem messy from a customer standpoint.
We received numerous emails for documents that were already available in the portal. When we received communication that we should be finished with documents, we’d then get another request for something additional.

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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

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