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Now in its second decade, loanDepot is a mortgage industry leader dedicated to creating seamless borrower experiences through its proprietary mello™ technology and mello smartloan™, the industry’s first end-to-end digital mortgage. An innovator since its inception, loanDepot continues to disrupt the lending industry with its focus on technology to deliver personalized experiences to its customers. The Company has funded over $212 billion since its founding in 2010, and currently ranks as the second largest nonbank lender and one of the leading retail mortgage lenders in the U.S. 
NMLS #174457

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Don't count on what your promised up front

Loan Depot likes to give the impression that they care about customer service by ending each email and voice mail with their supervisor's name and contact info, just in case you don't feel you are getting excellent customer service. Unfortunately, they don't really care at all, and if you need to go that route, good luck to you. We could not get one phone call out of a supervisor there.

They offered us an excellent rate with no closing costs. I gave them 1 star because they did not provide us with a loan under the terms originally discussed with our mortgage banker from when we made our deposit.

For each step in their process, we got a new person to work with. Their employees did not work on our loan unless I called to ask where it was at. Weeks went by with nothing done, because I did not realize I had to keep it moving with calls. I was repeatedly promised updates by the end of the work day or the next day, never to hear from the person. I can't begin to express how frustrating it was to try to work with them. In the end, they wasted two months of our time giving us the run-around on something that was very straight forward, related to our property being a rural acreage, that their mortgage banker said they could do. Rates went up during that time, so they have cost us many thousands of dollars. We have a credit score in upper 700s, 28% equity in our home and a debt to income ratio of 25, would have been 20 after this refinance. The mortgage banker we had was very insulting, asking questions like did we think we could handle making our own insurance and property tax payments. We asked NOT to escrow these items, so he needed to make sure we could 'handle' that. (We were going to have to pay a fee to not escrow)

Loan Depot started out seeming professional and having good customer service, but that went down hill fast. It would have been great to have gotten the deal they promised. Now we are working with the mortgage banker at our bank. It will cost us more, but I wish I'd just went that route to begin with now. Working with someone who knows you and actually does care about providing a good experience is worth more than I realized!

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We just came out of underwriting with only four conditions. Looks like we will close next week. If closing costs are the same as on the GFE were great!

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Very Poor Customer Service

I provided Len********.com with information on a Sunday night. Monday morning, I receive a call from this company. I tell the representative that I need some time to go over finances, and that I will get back to them shortly. Over the next 4 hours, I received 4 more calls from them. I was able to take the 4th call, at which point I reiterated that I was not ready to go through everything yet, and to please stop calling. Exactly 2 minutes later, I receive another phone call from a different number, but again, it's the same company. I tell the rep that it's not acceptable for them to call so often, and he hangs up without responding. Don't give your contact information to this company, because they will abuse it.

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loanDepot, LLC

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loanDepot, LLC

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