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The Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company has been helping customers since 1909. Inspired by hometown values and committed to being responsible and caring for each other, we exist for the benefit of our customers. 

And, like our customers, we thrive on relationships and building genuine, enduring connections. As a Mutual company our focus isn’t about increasing share prices. It’s helping customers reach their financial goals. 

What that means if you’re considering a new home purchase or refinance, you can feel secure knowing Mutual of Omaha Mortgage exists solely to do right by our customers, every time. 

We understand that to some companies a loan is a loan is a loan. That’s not us and it’ll never be. Buying (or refinancing) a house is more than a financial decision. It’s the promise of a life you want to build and the memories you want to make. And that’s why before we talk home loan solutions, we focus on you and your needs.

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It was an interesting experience

Started working with Allen before Covid-19 happened. He was very knowledgeable and answered every first time buys questions. And I asked a lot. He was available all of the time and returned my calls ASAP 😁. He got us a low interest rate. We were set to close but then Covid-19 showed up and we didn't qualify anymore. We were so mad. Allen worked on helping us get approved by another company even though he was not getting anything from it. Allen cares about those he works with. If I was going to buy another house I would call Allen. Great job Allen. You Helped us reach our dream.

Terrrible Experience

Began dealing with Mutual of Omaha in February. Lender indicated she would have everything ready to close refinance by mid-March. The communication was horrible, if I wanted to know what was happening with my loan I had to call them. They chose a title company which was not in my state and came back with incorrect information about a lien on my house I spoke with Mutual and the title company and neither was willing to clear, I called my state got the correct information and submitted to both. Neither responded or were willing to do their job (or make a phone call to get the corrected information). They also hired an appraiser that doesn't work in my area who used houses that were not comparable to my property, nothing they can do about that is what I was told. I paid Mutual $495 for an appraisal that was Mutual was charged $350. After over 2 months of constant hassles they have said things are still delayed. I will be working with someone else - someone local who knows our laws and property values. Stay away from this lender unless you want a constant headache, if I could rate 0 I would.

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Great Experience

Jill was a professional in all sense of the word. We had a minor snafu during our Refi but Jill pulled it all together at the end. Her exceptional work on our Refi showed that you can never be too accommodating and professional. We where blown away by her speed in communication and her ability to give honest And precise assistance. I would not hesitate to call her again.

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Mutual of Omaha Mortgage

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Mutual of Omaha Mortgage

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