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At Network Funding, we embrace the role of technology in the mortgage loan process. However, we believe that it is no substitute for one-on-one interaction with our clients. Our number one goal at Network Funding is to help our clients understand how their mortgage works and to provide them with the best option to put them on the right track to financial freedom. Network Funding is committed to our customers, if you don’t believe us, check out Network Funding’s reviews to see what other LendingTree customers are saying.

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Not Happy

Not happy with the overall experience with this company. Have some issues, but the guy on the phone wouldn't even discuss any of them, or possible solutions. Oh wel***.moving on.

This client applied through Lendingtree.com for financing. Our loan officer promptly contacted the client to provide more information. We completed the clients application and determined their debt to income ratio was in excess of 67%. A standard ratio is below 45% in most cases. We advised the client that we not be able to offer them financing with our bank. They wanted to add a cosigner to the loan (daughter), whose credits scores were well below our threshold for approval. Network Funding did provide a quick service with the application process. Unfortunately we do not offer options if a client is not qualified for our products. We didn’t extend any financing, fees, or further services after we informed the client they were ineligible. There was zero application charges for this client to apply, and the client incurred no cost with the application process.
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Great Experience. Closed Fast, Great Communication

As a first time home buyer, I was excited about the process but nervous about what to expect due to the fact that I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I'm so glad that I got in contact with David Lee and his team at Network Funding. I remember talking with David for a few hours the first day and at the end of the conversation I felt very confident in making the best decision financially. He made the process so effortless and easy for me that I was able to complete most of the process while working a 24hr service, 600 miles away from home, with no issues.

He would call me weekly with updates and questions to ensure that I was getting the best deal I could get at that time. It was a very down to earth and relaxed experience. I felt like I was talking with an old college buddy rather than a mortgage lender.

I would highly recommend David Lee and his team at Network funding to anybody and I couldn't have asked for a better experience purchasing my first home.


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disappointed is an understatement

Almost three months later and I have had a handful of calls that go no where. Most of them are because I am calling and asking where my return call is. They over promised, took our social security numbers, ran our credit twice (which I know is good) and never called back. When I called back, they "found" my file and started everything back up again. Then I never heard from them after that. By far the worst experience I have ever had with a lender.

We were happy to assist this client in the pre-qualification of a purchase mortgage. We completed a full loan application, pulled their credit with the client’s permission and evaluated their credit, income and employment information. We felt that we had great rapport with the client. Unfortunately, we were unable to qualify the client based on the information that we gathered from them. We communicated this to the client and explained exactly why we could not issue a pre-qualification. We wish we could have assisted but we know we did everything that we could to qualify them. Everything was done in a timely and professional manner. Our goal at Network Funding, LP is to make the process of qualifying for a mortgage as easy as it can possible be. We believe that the process was easy for this client and we are sorry that we could not qualify them. We hope that we will have another opportunity when the client is in a better position to qualify.
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Network Funding, LP

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