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At Network Funding, we embrace the role of technology in the mortgage loan process. However, we believe that it is no substitute for one-on-one interaction with our clients. Our number one goal at Network Funding is to help our clients understand how their mortgage works and to provide them with the best option to put them on the right track to financial freedom. Network Funding is committed to our customers, if you don’t believe us, check out Network Funding’s reviews to see what other LendingTree customers are saying.

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Great Personalized Service!

Mark was great, personable & very knowledgeable. He helped us out through this very long process. He taught me how to track interest rates by looking at the 10 yr treasury bonds and he was right on! We got a great interest rate and are enjoying our beautiful house. Thanks Mark!

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Great experience!

Glowing Review: Kevin Reid and Helen Tran worked tirelessly to get us approved and make it all happen in time for our closing date on a very short timeline (3 weeks)!! Plus, as first time homebuyers we were new to the process and needed a lot of explanations and hand-holding, which they were wonderful about providing. Kevin was incredibly responsive about answering questions, explaining the process, and working with us and our realtor. He also worked with us to provide a quote on fees/costs that would beat the best rate we had been quoted elsewhere. It was great to work directly with such responsive and responsible folks!! I can't recommend them highly enough.

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Works if you are a square peg in a square hole

I was just about settled on using Prime Lending for our mortgage in Dallas. Before I did that, I went on Lending Tree to ensure the rate was competitive. Having never used Lending Tree before, I did not realize the phone would ring off the hook and my email would become posessed, literally less than a minute after I pressed the send button.

Anyway, I took a few calls over the next few days from Lending Tree affiliated mortgage institutions. David from Network Funding was the only one that really stood out, as well as his rate. I even presented the Prime Lending associate with Network Fundings figures. He agreed that he could not beat the interest rate and lender credit and said I should really go with Network Funding. So I did.

I sent David’s processor all the info she asked for and quickly attained a pre-approval letter. As we had already been staring at houses on the MLS for months, I took David’s reccomendation for a realtor and we quickly went shopping. It took one day and 12 houses to find the house we wanted. The offer process started on a Friday and ended on Sunday.

All of a sudden, on Tuesday, David started to say we had problems. I had an odd situation where I had 2 jobs. One I had worked for 3 years as a 1099 contractor, the other I had worked for a year and a half as a normal W-2. This info was divulged to David during our very first discussion. He said it was not going to be a problem. So here I was with an executed contract and my lender is all of a sudden saying the Mortgage is not going to work. I was told it was because I did not have a 2 year work history at BOTH jobs for a VA loan.

Thank god I had started to work with the Prime Lending associate, Mike. It turns out I did not need both jobs to have a 2 year work history. The loan got final approval today for just an eight of a percent higher than David had quoted me.

The bottom line is things probably go fine at Network Funding if you fit the square peg of their computer software. If you have a situation that they do not have a box for, they will give it a go anwyway I guess – don’t get stuck like I did.

I am glad to hear that you have a final approval of your loan with another Lender. I wish you only the best in that regard. Please let me know if they are able to close you via an approval from the VA. In our initial discussion, I voiced my concern in regard to your employment history. We discussed the fact that you had two jobs and both were needed for you to qualify for the mortgage, but that one of these jobs was not quite two years in length. Since this was an extenuating circumstance, I informed you that we would not have a definite approval until we had received all of your documentation and it was reviewed by Underwriting. After receiving this information from you, Underwriting called the VA for a determination as to whether, with your 1 year and 3 months of employment at the one job, they would qualify you for a VA Loan. Unfortunately, the answer was an emphatic No. At that point, we were unable to proceed and you were informed immediately of the decision. This has absolutely nothing to do with a "square peg in a round hole." It has to do with VA and Fannie Mae Guidelines that ALL lenders must adhere to per each individual case file. If you take a look at all the other reviews on a Lending Tree website, who will see not one single blemish as per our Customer Service record. Please also refer to JMJ Mortgage Capital, LLC on the Lending Tree Website where you will see 157 excellent reviews of our firm with not one negative to be found. We are extremely proud of our record here in every way. As you notated yourself in your review, our Rates, Fees, Costs, and Responsiveness were second to none. We also believe that our customer service rated a 5 as well. I hope that your mortgage process works out for you at this stage and that somehow the other Lender has been able to convince the VA to approve your employment history. I will be very happy for you and your wife if that occurs.
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