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Pacific Beneficial is a wholesale mortgage brokerage specializing in residential mortgage origination. Our knowledgeable staff will listen to your short and long term goals and help you find the best loan program and pricing option to accomplish your goals. Whether you are purchasing your first home or refinancing your existing home we will guide you through the process. Our mission is to ensure that the most important transaction in your life is as stress free and smooth as possible.

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Great value and service at Pacific Beneficial

I just closed my mortgage refinance and wanted to share my experience with others. First, Lending Tree was a fast way to get a lot of contacts and action in your new or refi mortgage. Next I was surprised at the wide discrepancy between mortgage offers from the competing vendors. There was almost a 1% point spread between the high and low offers and the fees varied greatly. I quickly singled out Pacific Beneficial because their initial quote was in the right ballpark (given my simple online searches for current fix 15/30 year refi rates) and Alex Zelada was very straight forward and trustworthy. Alex patiently explained the process and how the rates were acquired and how the discounting and fees worked. I was astonished to find out how little my $450K refi would cost - and how abused I was by my previous mortgage broker several years ago. Working with Pacific Beneficial there were no hidden fees nor sudden pricing changes. I know I got the best rates and lowest costs from them, and had I not shopped around on Lending Tree I probably would have paid $5,000 more in fees and discounts than the low $2,500 I paid to Pacific Beneficial. I hope you can save some money too. By the rate, I got an insanely low rate of 3 1/8 and paid no points and had several standard fees credited back. Thus my total closing costs were around $2,500 - you cannot beat that anywhere. Alex at P.B. rocks.

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I just went though a refinance with your company, specifically I went through Adam Carrion. Adam was extremely professional, friendly, and hard working, and made the refinance process extremely simple and enjoyable for me. I would definitely use your company again, and I would no doubt go right back to Adam. Thanks for everything, I plan to recommend your Company, and specifically Adam, to any and all persons I know who are in the business for a mortgage or refinance.

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You're gonna like doing business with PBM

To any prospective PBM client:

The most important question any reviewer should ask of themselves is..."Would I use this product or service again?" For me, with PBM it's a resounding and unequivocal "Yes!"

I initially chose PBM for my VA IRRRL (refi) because they bested 6 other brokers and lenders (to include my previous lender) on Interest Rate, Annual Percentage Rate, and Fees (in fact, looking at recent national sta*********.less than 10% of Americans received an APR this low**.and mine was in the "Jumbo Loan" category). And while that makes me a happy for the next 30 years (I'm saving $811/mo).*.the professionals at PBM made this usually painful and complicated process rather simple, straightforward, and nearly effortless.

You should also know that they were honest, sincere, always available, and had a tenacious work ethic. There were no "hidden fees"...I felt like a person, not a number...I could reach them any******.and they got it done in 45 days (it would have been sooner, but you know how some home appraisers can drag their feet.)

Lastly, I want to personally thank Adam, Peter, and Jas****.you truly earned this rating!

Semper Fidelis

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Pacific Beneficial Mortgage Company

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Pacific Beneficial Mortgage Company

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