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Customer Service is more than just a marketing phrase at Patriot Bank Mortgage. We consistently deliver the highest level of service to our clients. Here's proof. LendingTree.com has awarded Patriot Bank Mortgage the following:

Top Close Rate Purchase Lender, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.
Customer Service Excellence, 2003.
Top Closed Units Purchase Prime Lender, 2006.
Outstanding Long Form Partner Purchase, 2007 and 2008.Patriot Bank Mortgage has also received the Better Business Bureau's Award for Excellence in 2005,2006,2009,2010 and 2012 and its Pinnacle Award in 2008 and 2011. 
Our proven high level of service and "first place" competitiveness results in satisfied clients across the country.
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Buyer Beware - Refinance Debacle

What caught my eye about RMC Vanguard was the very high reviews here, their special Costco Member pricing, pretty competitive rates and an extremely professional Mortgage Loan Officer(Iva Burmeister) who gave me initial estimates. Back on April 9 when the market for 15 yr fixed mortgage was smoking hot with rates at an all time low, I thought I had made a good decision in choosing what I thought was a great deal for a 15yr fixed mortgage with very attractive closing costs and APR and I had chosen a Costco “partner” to help me save some money. The first few weeks appeared to be smooth sailing that I thought I might even close in 30 days. Now, 79 days and 2 rate lock extensions later, I am beginning to regret my decision, since through one unpleasant surprise after another, they’ve added additional costs to my loan and now want me to pay for the third rate lock to further increase my closing costs while I am 13 days away from the deadline of the 3rd and final rate lock with no end in sight with repeated underwriting challenges, delays and surprises. With the July 4th holiday approaching I am left wondering will this loan ever close?? They seem to be plagued by one process issue after the other and appear to be either substantially understaffed to handle the loan volume over the past couple months where many details have been falling through the cracks. I’ve had to repeatedly provide the same information, sign and resend different versions of the same documents due to incorrect forms being used which have all added to delays with the final loan approval.

What really left me questioning whether to even spend anymore time working them was when I escalated to their “Sales Manager” (Cara Irish) to review the facts of my file closely and acknowledge that most of the delays had been caused by delayed follow-up by the RMC Vanguard loan processing team, she continued to make excuses for delays “beyond their control” and that due to additional costs of extending the rate lock of this loan, that I now have to foot the bill for it. When I mentioned that if this loan was processed with a little more urgency and diligence it might have closed more than a month ago as initially estimated, I would have successfully moved from my 30yr mortgage with 2% higher interest and actually would not have been still with my 30 year mortgage paying almost 2% higher interest per month she seemed disinterested and appeared to trivialize my predicament.

If the concern was costs from investors, maybe they should have paid a little more attention 4 to 6 weeks ago as to what was going wrong with my loan with delays with underwriting and loan processing when the first and second rate lock was needed and granted at no additional cost. At this point so much time has passed and the 15yr fixed mortgage rates have changed so substantially unfavorably that RMC Vanguard is using that to their best advantage to hold me hostage to a loan where the costs have more than doubled increasing my APR by 0.24% since the initial quote. Maybe these folks have been good in the past, but have definitely not lived up to their expectations or reputation. Their loan officers might be professional, courteous and friendly but are only as good as the team they are supported by. I’d think twice or thrice before ever choosing them! They don’t seem to be exhibiting the caliber one would expect from a Costco partner.

Hello, yes you are correct, this is not our finest moment. We locked the rate initially on 4/9 for 45 days, We received a substantially complete loan application from you on 4/19, The appraisal came in below target on 5/16. As of the today (Jun 28th) we have paid for 30 days of additional lock extensions due to the delays caused by what I feel are our internal staffing issues particular to your transaction. Yesterday, our sales manager did call to say that this additional 15 day extension would be at a cost to you of .25 % of the loan amount with the same interest rate. We hope to have this loan complete by the time this recent extension expires. Owen Raun – President.
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Excellent customer service

Very good customer service. We felt like we were the only client. The team worked like clockwork. Everything done on time. All calls and emails replied to promptly. All questions answered.
We can't comment on closing costs because it hadn't occurred to us to compare them with other companies. Joe Paoly's professionalism and bedside manner are of a very high level. And his team seems worthy of him.

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Straight talk -helpful all around

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