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Customer Service is more than just a marketing phrase at Patriot Bank Mortgage. We consistently deliver the highest level of service to our clients. Here's proof. LendingTree.com has awarded Patriot Bank Mortgage the following:

Top Close Rate Purchase Lender, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.
Customer Service Excellence, 2003.
Top Closed Units Purchase Prime Lender, 2006.
Outstanding Long Form Partner Purchase, 2007 and 2008.Patriot Bank Mortgage has also received the Better Business Bureau's Award for Excellence in 2005,2006,2009,2010 and 2012 and its Pinnacle Award in 2008 and 2011. 
Our proven high level of service and "first place" competitiveness results in satisfied clients across the country.
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Best Loan Officer ever

On January 6th, 2011 we had a signed contract for a house we put an offer on. We were working with another lender at that point and after 14 days of being told “we are still working on it” panic set in as we watched an escrow closing date get closer and closer. At that point, more as what felt like a “last ditch effort” we contacted RMC Vanguard as they were another lender presented through our research on Lending Tree. Cesar S. was our loan officer and from the beginning he was remarkable. He made a point in the first email to let us know it was not an auto generated reply. That told us he paid attention to details and to the fact we are people. He was outstanding in his communication, telling us exactly what we needed to provide and he updated us every single step of the way.
When it came time to move forward with the loan, Cesar was professional, personable and pleasant. Even our realtor who had reservations about dealing with an out of state loan officer (we are in California) mentioned more than once how impressed she was with Cesar and his policies and procedures for keeping us with up to date communication and process updates. He was available to us no matter the time zone difference as he forwards his office calls to his cell phone after work hours. He answered every question we had about paperwork, escrow, closing costs. He provided clear and concise breakdowns of the fees and what we should expect.
After Cesar introduced us to Jenny (she was doing the loan processing) he stepped back long enough for her to finish her job in a quick, efficient way and then he came back into the picture to make sure escrow closing would not be held up by anything RMC Vanguard had missed or failed to provide the escrow company. In fact, he was quite determined to get everything done ahead of schedule. For RMC Vanguard's part, it was done ahead of time. The escrow company even tried at one point to say Cesar had not provided some document or other and he was able to prove to them he had, they had just overlooked it.
From the minute we were contacted by Cesar to the minute we received our keys only 31 days had gone by. While we struggled to get a loan for 14 days prior to contacting Cesar, after contacting him we had confirmation of getting a loan WITHIN 10 hours. I did have all the documents and paperwork ready to go to get to him because of the prior experience but even then, I contacted him at 9am one morning and by 5:30pm that night he told us we qualified. He provided updates on the mortgage rates and explained about locking in rates and why we would want to do that or not want to do that. We waited a few days and finally locked in the rate as he advised. Turns out this was a good thing as it raised a quarter point about 4 days after that! Yes the process was long, relatively speaking, but he reviewed our documents and said we would be fine within 10 hours, within 24 we had a pre-approval letter from him and after that, it was the same general processing that happens with all loans. He provided documents quickly and in electronic format for us to review and/or sign and send back.
Not once did we ever feel we were waiting on RMC Vanguard. In fact, they always seemed one step ahead and prepared for the next stages of the loan process. What a great feeling to know we were being taken care of right! The stress factor dropped dramatically once Cesar and RMC Vanguard got involved. I cannot say enough how good it was to work with the professionals there. Our only regret was not contacting RMVC Vanguard first and saving ourselves two weeks of stress and concern.

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RMC Vanguard

My loan officer, Judi, was great. RMC Vanguard stumbled a bit when processing the load but the person responsible, not Judi, is no longer there. Some documents were missed for loan signing but we caught it in time. Judi also stepped up and worked over the weekend to ensure everything was done correctly in the end. This type of extra effort makes me very happy to have selected RMC Vanguard as my loan company.

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Smooth as can be

I worked with Chris Garza. He was extremely responsive to my emails and calls. He kept me updated on changes in interest rates while I was waiting for my short sale offer to be accepted. When the offer was accepted we had to work with a shorter than usual escrow period, and he was able to get the loan funded in time for the close of escrow. I would highly recommend him to others.

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