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At Real Genius, formerly Consumer Direct, we know that each customer has specific needs, so we strive to meet those specific needs with a wide array of products, investment tools, mortgages and best of all quality service and individual attention. You are our priority and we know that superior service, delivering what was offered, coupled with the lowest overall cost is the way to keep you as a customer for life. In a lending environment where everyone is offering the same core products and programs, we know that we have to separate ourselves with an unwavering commitment to services and delivering the lowest overall total cost to close every day. Our sales and operations team is comprised of veteran Mortgage Professionals that are committed to this philosophy and understand what it takes to get the job done on time and at the agreed upon terms and conditions presented.

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Great service, but be aware of your loan estimate

I worked with Consumer Direct from FirstBank for my home purchase in New York. Their interest rate was good and fees were low. Application was easy and straight forward, I was given direct contacts throughout the process and everyone was able to assist me in a timely fashion. Closed ahead of time, everything I submitted were reviewed immediately. Overall their service is very satisfactory. Because of some other reasons I wasn't able to close before the interest rate lock expires, so they worked with me to get a 50% discount on the rate lock extension fee, which was nice.
However, Consumer Direct provided an inaccurate loan estimate that was very misleading in my opinion. Loan estimate documents state that I will receive a lender credit of about $1200 towards closing, which was also discussed over the phone. This lender credit was a huge selling point, so I immediately decided to work with them. However, upon closing I was informed by my attorney that the loan estimates are all wrong - The $1200 is the amount of New York mortgage tax (0.25% of loan amount) that a lender is responsible for. The actual lender credit I will receive is zero. At that point it was too late to switch lenders, so I still closed the transaction.
Loan estimate is a very important document, and an error like this is unacceptable. The lender credit was the only reason I chose Consumer Direct. Lender mortgage tax is certainly NOT a lender credit, this is misleading customers.

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Started well, Ended bad

I was happy with the loan processing team and the closing. There was a hiccup with the close date and an additional fee, but that was mostly the fault of my previous bank (avoid Citizens if you ever plain to re-fi). I held off on this review because I was afraid of what would happen afterwards, and my fears were realized... Very shortly after my closing my Loan was sold off to Freddie Mac (an organization I chose not to be involved with but was forced to be). As of today my loan has been sold AGAIN. This time it was a bank that I had not heard of. Now I can't make payments or view any of my loan details.
Don't work with this company unless you are ready to continually change banks, payment methods and deal with a fleet of different people.

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