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Royal United Mortgage was founded with the purpose of enriching lives in the communities we serve by providing an unparalleled education and service experience for our customers and employees. The Royal United Mortgage product and pricing process is customized to meet both the short and long term goals of each individual client. We believe the customer expects honesty, education, and results; Royal United was built on these principles.

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a long way to go

In all fairness i would first state that the account representive was new to her line of work, I think? The problems started when deadlines were never met and then they started asking for info we had already sent them. On more than one occasion a closing date was promised and never materilized , always "some other depatments fault"
Generally you got the sense someone was not being honest with you ....
We gave all info within 24 hours of being asked and always responded to their needs. In the end we told them we had lost faith in their ability to close on this mortage and asked them to not call us anymore. We started the process again with a local bank. Then 2 weeks later out of the blue Royal united called and said they were ready to close? Go figure....
their rates were reasonable so we agreed.
I have to state the house was valued at 175,000 with no current mortage or lein holders. My credit score is 775. It seemed like a no brainer to us but they just never seemed to never be able to get their act together.
i would not recomend this company to anyone..

In reviewing the facts surrounding the review in question, it appears the clients frustration was driven by the required income documentation a client must produce in order verify their income. Specific to the case below, the client was self employed. To protect the consumer and the lender, it is required that the client produce tax documentation to prove income for two full years; the two years must be filed with the IRS. In this case, the client did not provide what was requested of them which was two full years of income proof; they provided one. They did not provide this as they had yet to complete 2010 filing. Royal United followed up with the client on the date the client advised they would complete their 2010 federal returns. Once Royal United verified the clients income from 2010 via the IRS, the clients loan was approved for closing 4 business days later. In this case, had the client been able to produce what was originally requested, the process would have been expedited. The good news is, the client was taken care of and approved for the loan they had originally requested. Royal United has a proven track record when it comes to superior service, products, and follow-up. Royal United understands that keeping the client informed throughout the process is critical to building trust. Our overall rating and reviews speak to this track record. Royal United will never do a loan for a client that is not right for the client or do a loan outside federal guidelines. In the case above, Royal United serviced the client and followed the right process to do so.
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great to work with

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Very Pleased

Royal United contacted me as the result of an online inquiry for refinancing that I submitted. I had several other companies contact me, but Royal United quoted the lowest interest rate, so I initially favored them although I soon was overwhelmed with conflicting information being received from the various other companies. I didn't know who to believe or which way to go. I called a realtor friend and asked for a recommendation of a local finance company that she trusted. I immediately contacted this new company, thinking they would be the way to go-recommended and local. Once I received the GFE and several emails, my opinion changed, the interest rate went up and the points being charged went up. This company was contradicting things they were telling me in earlier conversations or emails. So, I called Zack Brook with Royal United back and asked if he would still work with me-a week had now gone by, but the experience had taught me a few things about the process and I knew more about what to expect. Zach was very gracious and willing to work with me. The interest rate had not changed from what he had originally quoted me, so we got down to business. Within two weeks, I closed on the refinance. Zach kept me informed at every point, he called, emailed and offered assistance anytime I needed it or had questions. He was great to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home or refinance. He handled everything that needed to be done and followed up on everything to make sure nothing fell through the cracks. Not only was he good at his job, Zach was very pleasant to work with. He seems like a very nice young man.

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Royal United Mortgage

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Royal United Mortgage

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