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SurePoint Lending abn First Residential Mortgage Network was founded in 1995 and is LendingTree's 2009 #1 Refinance longform lender based on closed units. Our commitment to customer care has made us one of the nation's leading mortgage-banking firms. We've transformed the loan process. So what was once lengthy and confusing is now quick and pleasant with straight talk and straight answers.Our many successes have been recognized nationally.  In 2003, we were the proud recipients of the prestigious Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics and Integrity and we were a finalist in 2004. We were also named the Best Place to Work in the State of Kentucky 2005, and runner up 2006.SurePoint Lending judges its success on customer satisfaction, so our primary goal is to tailor a loan to fit your needs. Our professional Loan Advisors are able to service loans of all types. Whether we are helping you with refinancing, a new home purchase, debt consolidation, a cash out, or financing home improvements, our industry-leading turnaround times get you what you need faster.

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Do your homework

My loan manager was nice enough but the underwriter behind him seemed very disorganized. They couldn't decide what information they needed from me. No sooner than I would send one piece, they would ask for another. This went on for several weeks and delayed the closing. I got the rate I was hoping for but the fees and closing costs were higher with Surepoint than with other lenders. MY advice is get GFEs from several lenders, compare fees and costs and not just rates, before settling on one lender.

We are sorry to hear of an unsatisfied customer. We take pride in our customer service and we were recently named the 2010 BBB Torch Award winner for Marketplace Ethics. The underwriting process can require additional documentation depending on individual circumstances. We realize this can be frustrating, but it is a necessity to properly verify and document a file. In this case, upon review of tax transcripts we found there was also a self employed business reporting. We then had to request further documentation to verify income and we requested the borrower's business tax returns. Regarding closing costs, the loan amount was raised nearly $200,000 to pay a second mortgage and there was also a request for $60,000 in cash. A significant increase in loan amount will affect closing costs. For example, the title insurance on this loan doubled after the increase (title insurance is charged per thousand) which upset our customer. We work very hard to communicate all costs upfront, but when significant changes such as these occur during the process, costs will also change. Again, we are sorry to hear our customer was not satisfied, but the increase in cost was due to the changes referenced above which were made at the customer's request.
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Loan Refinancing

Surepoint was the first one in to call. They called as soon as I submitted the request for quotes; however, they were not accurate on their information right at front. These people claim to be a lending bank with their own capital, but they are mortgage brokers. The person contacting me was very pushy and was not accurate with his information. I do not know if they see you as a person not knowledgable on the subject and try to redifine the mortgage terminology (i.e., lock in rate). I did do business with them, but I do not think I would do it again. I know that they are in a very competitive business; still, they have to be as accurate as possible on the information they provide to their costumers.

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Great customer service, but you will pay for it.

I really liked SurePoints customer service. My loan officer John Allen was unbelievable, he called me every day to check on me. John got me a good rate, even though my credit is less than perfect. Closing cost were really high, there were a ton of hidden fee's that I didn't expect. Also, Surepoint kept the numbers away from me til the last day. Just beware that you will have to pay $700 to one of SurePoints affiliates at closing.

If you want someone that will work really hard for you, get you financed and don't mind paying the high cost then use SurePoint great to go through. I really wouldn't recommend them to someone that doesn't have a decent amount of reserve cash.

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SurePoint Lending,LLC/First Residential Mortgage

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