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Avant has helped over 600,000 customers by providing access to over $5 billion in personal loans. Whether you need to improve your home, make a major purchase, or consolidate your debts into one simple monthly payment, Avant may be able to provide you access to the funds you need

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35% Interest???

I want to pay down my debt on 16% int*******.why would I agree to 35%**.why would anyone? You'd get out of other creditors or "debts" only to get into another that you would NEVER get out of...

We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the interest rates offered. We work to match customers with the lowest possible rate based on each customer’s situation. These rates and loan amounts vary depending on an applicant’s credit eligibility and individual state rules and are significantly less than more expensive short-term options. We also offer our customers easy and convenient ways to pay back loans, with no pre-payment penalties. Customers may choose their own monthly payment date and will have the same fixed payment amount each month. We try to accommodate our customers’ payment needs so that repayment can fit into their busy schedules. Please contact customer service at 800-712-5407 if you have additional questions about our rates.
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bad experience all around

first, lending tree showed terms that were not accurate. The link given listed an amount, an interest rate and loan terms. Once you completed the application, it showed 95% as the rate, the loan amount changed and terms were shorter. I called their customer service several times and more often than not got sent to a voice mail. When I did talk to them they explained I was approved. A contract was shown and signed online. Then an email was sent saying the loan was rejected.
I don't mind being rejected if I don't qualify or meet your standards. That is your right, but this process took too much time, effort and information was given that just was not accurate. If you show a customer a loan contract, do it because you have done YOUR side of the process. Loan went from approved for $5000 at 60%, to $2000 at 95% to a contract completed and signed, to an email stating "no reply". Poor business practice and wasted 1/2 a day completing it.

Garnet we are sorry for any confusion you experienced during your loan application process. Our loan rates range from 35% to 95% based on each application. You will see the exact loan amount and interest rate you qualify for before signing the contract so that there are no surprises. Your case sounds like a unique one, where we had to revise our loan decision after the loan was signed. In rare cases like this, we invite the customer to review the new offer and sign the contract before we move forward with the process. Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Don’t hesitate to contact customer service at 800-712-5407 if you have additional questions on this process or send us your details to [email protected] so we can review your account.
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Bogus Offer

They are offering $10,000 @ 35% interest for 3 years at $113. per month. They must think I'm stupid. One would never be able to pay off 10,000 in 3 years @ 35% interest.

We work to ensure that loan payments are easy and convenient. The focus of our loan decisions are on the applicant’s affordability. Please also note that you can make additional payments at any time without penalties to decrease the interest amount on your loan. We want to give customers as much flexibility as possible when paying off their loan. Don’t hesitate to contact customer service at 800-712-5407 if you have additional questions.
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