VA Housing Grants Available to Disabled Veterans

U.S. military servicemembers and veterans that have specific service-related disabilities may qualify for VA grants for home adaptations needed to accommodate their disabilities.

Housing Grant Eligibility

The VA determines eligibility for housing adaptation grants based on factors including types of disabilities and the servicemember or veteran's occupancy of the adapted home. Eligible homes must be owned by the servicemember, veteran or a family member of the injured veteran or servicemember. The veteran or servicemember must occupy the home to be adapted. The servicemember or veteran's disability or disabilities must be considered total and permanent by the VA. The VA Home Loan Division offers two types of grants for adaptation of an existing home, or for buying or building a home equipped with adaptations needed by a disabled servicemember or veteran.

VA Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH)

The SAH grant can be used in the following ways: Acquire land and build a specially adapted home on it Build a specially adapted home on suitable land already owned by the servicemember or veteran Remodel an existing home with all necessary accommodations and adaptations. Apply SAH grant proceeds to the unpaid mortgage balance for a specially adapted home already acquired without the assistance of a VA housing grant.

Special Housing Adaptation Grant (SHA)

An SHA grant provides financial assistance for eligible veterans to adapt new or existing homes with accommodations related to their disabilities. Disabled servicemembers, veterans and family members can use an SHA grant to adapt an existing home where the eligible servicemember or veteran lives. For example, parents of veterans with qualified disabilities may apply for SHA grant funds to provide adaptations needed by a son or daughter with a qualified service-related disability. Adapt a home that the veteran or family member will purchase as the veteran's residence. Assist a veteran with buying an already adapted home where the veteran will live.

VA Housing Grants: Things to Know

VA housing grants are submitted directly to  the VA. Please complete VA Form 26-4555, Application in Acquiring Specially Adapted Housing or Special Home Adaptation Grant. This form can be completed and submitted online or printed, completed and mailed to the VA regional office  where you've filed for benefits. You may also call the VA to request a claim form. Please note that the claim form 26-4555 starts the process of applying for a VA housing grant, but additional information is usually required. Don't assume that you aren't eligible because your disability occurred after your tour of duty. Your disability must be directly related to your military service; it's best to file an application and find out if you're eligible for VA housing grants. For more information about VA home loan programs, please request free VA loan quotes from our network of mortgage lenders.

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