[Infographic] Do You Know What A VA Mortgage Is?

If you or someone you know is a Veteran with a home loan, did you/they use a VA loan?

According to VA survey data, 1 in 3 veterans are not aware of the many bonuses a VA home loan can give them - which means too many vets are missing out due to misinformation that can prevent them from getting a great deal.

Are you a Veteran and ready to buy a home? Now's the time to get the FACTS and understand the myths about VA loans so you can enjoy the benefits you deserve!

VA loan myths versus facts

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So, are you ready to get a VA loan or what?

1. Be eligible:

Just submit the VA Form 26-1880with proof of your service. You have to be a military veteran, on active duty, a member of the National Guard, or in the selected reserves.

‚Äč2. Get pre-approved:

  • Bank statements

  • Asset list

  • Proof of Income and employment

  • Tax returns

  • To see if you qualify for a VA loan, connect with VA lenders on LendingTree. Have these items on hand to get started:

3. Find your house:

The best way to do that is to find a realtor you like in your area that understands your needs and has experience with the VA loans process.

4. Make an offer:

Your realtor can help you process this part of the loan by putting in a contract that can help you win the home.

5. Get ready for your keys:

Just a few more things need to happen like:

  • Home appraisal

  • Home inspection

  • Title check

  • Final financial documents review

  • Get home insurance

  • Close on the home

  • Sign loan papers

Happy home shopping, Veteran. You’ve earned it!

Get VA Loan offers customized for you today.