Ashley Sweren

Ashley Sweren is a freelance writer and editor located in Silicon Valley. Her work spans technology, small business, and finance topics. Firework Writing ( is her freelance consultancy.

Articles by Ashley Sweren

Freelancer vs. Small Business Owner: What’s the Difference?

Want to work for yourself, but not sure if you should freelance or build a small business? When considering the role of freelancer vs. small... read more

Debt Help: Where Do I Start?

Debt is a fact of life for most people today. From credit cards to mortgages to student loans, debt can be a useful tool to... read more

Planning Your Small Business Funding

The new year is a popular time to make personal goals and resolutions. It’s also a great time to focus on business goals and plans... read more

Why Understanding Business Line of Credit Requirements Will Make You a Better Candidate

While business loans are a popular choice to finance small business growth and operations, they are not the only option. Many businesses prefer to open... read more

Student Loan Options: Federal vs Private Loans

The process of applying to college and making a decision on where to attend can seem daunting. It’s often complicated by the element of finances... read more

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