Ashley Sweren

Ashley Sweren is a freelance writer and editor located in Silicon Valley. Her work spans technology, small business, and finance topics. Firework Writing ( is her freelance consultancy.

Articles by Ashley Sweren

Understanding the Basics of Small Business Financing

Taking on debt can be a polarizing issue. Most business owners have a strong opinion about using outside small business financing like loans and credit... read more

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover? What Is Not Covered?

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover? Chances are, you’re not having a great day if you’re wondering, “What does homeowners insurance cover?” Maybe the wind just... read more

6 Steps to Setting Up a Small Business

Thinking about setting up a small business can be daunting. Many would-be entrepreneurs don’t know where to start. But, by breaking things down into small... read more

How To Get Online Business Financing

In the past, businesses looking to finance growth had limited options. Using personal savings, borrowing from family and friends, selling to investors, or securing a... read more

4 Important Things to Consider When Getting a Small Business Loan

Want to open your own business but don’t have the money to get started? Many would-be entrepreneurs think there’s an easy solution to this predicament... read more

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