Austin Light

Content Director

Austin Light is the content director on the creative team at LendingTree. He’s been writing words for a living since 2006.

Articles by Austin Light

How to get more from the money you spent on Halloween

The team over at CompareCards just posted a new report showing nearly half of millennials surveyed admit to purchasing Halloween items so they could include... read more

4 things you may have missed in LendingTree’s new app commercial

LendingTree's app just got a new update and it’s packed with useful features that bring the savings to you. So we made a commercial about... read more

Why you should use your credit card to pay for everything

I was at a lunch with friends recently and when the check came, I was the only one to pull out my debit card. This... read more

Timing loan shopping with home shopping

We’ve been in the home loan shopping game a long time, and we’ve found that when it comes to shopping for their actual home, people... read more

What is DTI and why is it important?

One thing you learn quickly working at LendingTree is that the financial world is filled with acronyms. Here’s one that you might have seen, and is... read more

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