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Why does LendingTree use VantageScore?

We’ve talked before about how there are hundreds of credit scoring models out there and they’re all a little different. That can be a bit... read more

How to get more from the money you spent on Halloween

The team over at CompareCards just posted a new report showing nearly half of millennials surveyed admit to purchasing Halloween items so they could include... read more

4 things you may have missed in LendingTree’s new app commercial

LendingTree’s app just got a new update and it’s packed with useful features that bring the savings to you. So we made a commercial about... read more

Why you should use your credit card to pay for everything

I was at a lunch with friends recently and when the check came, I was the only one to pull out my debit card. This... read more

Timing loan shopping with home shopping

We’ve been in the home loan shopping game a long time, and we’ve found that when it comes to shopping for their actual home, people... read more

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