Casey Hynes

Casey Hynes is a personal finance writer who covers mortgages, debt, budgeting, wealth management and the psychology of money. She also writes corporate finance articles about regulatory issues and fintech. Casey graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 2008, and she has written for LendingTree, MagnifyMoney, Make Change, Discover Global Network, KeyBank and other financial organizations. Her website is

Articles by Casey Hynes

MCU Personal Loan Review

New York residents who need cash for sudden expenses or to consolidate their debt might consider turning to New York Municipal Credit Union (MCU). Members... read more

Kinecta Auto Loan Review

Kinecta Federal Credit Union offers several types of auto loans, allowing members to purchase a range of vehicles at competitive rates. Like other credit unions,... read more

Investment Property Loans: What They Are and How to Find One

Investment property loans help you purchase homes to rent out for extra income or to flip and sell for a profit. These loans typically have... read more

Letter of Explanation: Why You Might Need One and How to Write It

When you apply for a mortgage, an underwriter thoroughly analyzes your finances to see whether you meet certain mortgage requirements. If there’s a discrepancy, such... read more

Citibank Mortgage Review

What is Citibank Mortgage? Headquartered in O’Fallon, Mo., Citibank Mortgage is a subsidiary of the banking giant Citigroup. It launched in 1979 to provide a... read more

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