Casey Hynes

Casey Hynes is a freelance journalist and brand content writer focusing on fintech, AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, and how technology is influencing communities and reshaping the way we live. She’s written for Forbes Asia, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, Vogue India, and a number of other publications. Hynes graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2008 and worked at Roll Call before moving overseas and launching her freelance career. You can find her work at

Articles by Casey Hynes

Citibank Mortgage Review

What is Citibank Mortgage? Headquartered in O’Fallon, Mo., Citibank Mortgage is a subsidiary of the banking giant Citigroup. It launched in 1979 to provide a... read more

Wyndham Capital Mortgage Review

What is Wyndham Capital Mortgage? Wyndham Capital Mortgage was founded in 2001 in Charlotte, N.C., as an online-focused, direct-to-consumer lender. Working With Wyndham Capital Though... read more

Kansas Debt Relief: Your Guide to State Laws and Managing Debt

Kansas recently became the No. 1 producer of wind energy in the country, and is one of the top agricultural producing states in the U.S.... read more

Iowa Debt Relief: Your Guide to State Laws and Managing Debt

Iowa residents fall at the conservative end of the debt spectrum, with one of the lowest per capita credit card debt rates in the country,... read more

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