Chonce Maddox

Chonce is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and freelance writer who loves to talk about everything personal finance. She has experience covering small business, banking and personal loans. Her writing work has been featured on Business Insider, LendingTree, Credit Sesame and Barclaycard.

Articles by Chonce Maddox

The Best Time to Refinance Your Student Loans

It’s no secret that refinancing your student loans could save you a great deal of money. At least 40 million Americans have student loans. When... read more

What Are the Consequences of Defaulted Student Loans?

What happens when you don’t make scheduled payments on your student loans? Some students and college graduates are burdened with tens of thousands of dollars... read more

Student Loan Relief: 5 Options to Keep in Mind

At least 1.3 million students graduate with student loan debt in America. The Wall Street Journal states that 2015 college graduates have reached new heights... read more

Debt Management: 3 Things You Must Do After Consolidating Your Debt

Debt consolidation involves the process of combining your debts into one loan with a lower interest rate to help make payments more manageable and hopefully... read more

8 Debt Consolidation Facts You Need to Know

Are you struggling to manage your debt? If you are feeling overwhelmed by the burden of your debt and unable to make on time and... read more

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