Colleen Kane

Colleen is an author, journalist, copywriter, and editor with extensive experience covering real estate, sustainable lifestyle, and business and consumer news, for print and online media.

Articles by Colleen Kane

The 11 Best Places to Find a Small Business Loan

Disclosure : By clicking “See Offers” you’ll be directed to our online form. You may or may not be matched with the specific lender you... read more

What is a Disregarded Entity? What You Need to Know

If you’re a busy solopreneur, you may have defaulted to a sole proprietor for your business structure. Operating as a sole proprietor is not ideal,... read more

Starting a Business Checklist: 15 Steps to Take When Starting Your Company

Each entrepreneur faces unique challenges when starting a business. But before embarking on the journey, it helps to know the stages that lie ahead. What... read more

Small Business Loan Help: Finding the Resources You Need

There is a dizzying number of loan options available to small businesses. We’re talking dozens of types with differing repayment structures, costs and required collateral.... read more

The Ultimate Guide to Purchase Order Financing

No one wants to turn away business from established or new customers. Purchase order financing is one way that companies can avoid that, by taking... read more

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