Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is a Chicago-based writer and editor who covers finance, business, health, and arts and entertainment. She has written for Chicago Tribune Media, Adobe, the Chicago Sun-Times and LendingTree.

Articles by Jennifer Thomas

How to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone illegally gets access to your personal information like passwords, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers or medical insurance account numbers.... read more

The Difference Between Personal Loans, Payday Loans and Title Loans

Financial hiccups happen to everyone: You may end up with an unexpected medical bill, come up short on rent or break your cellphone and need... read more

Where to Find the Best Private Business Loans: The Complete Guide

For a small business, getting a loan from a big bank isn’t easy. Large banks are beginning to warm up to loaning to small businesses... read more

The 5 Best Short Term Business Loans & Lenders to Know

When small business owners need a quick infusion of cash, short-term business loans can be a lifeline. But they come with risks, so consider all... read more

How to Tap Land Equity

So you bought yourself a nice house with a small lot and you didn’t think the mortgage process was too terribly difficult? Well, that may... read more

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