Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is a Chicago-based writer and editor who covers finance, business, health, and arts and entertainment. She has written for Chicago Tribune Media, Adobe, the Chicago Sun-Times and LendingTree.

Articles by Jennifer Thomas

Where to Find the Best Factoring Companies

Fees mentioned below are accurate as of September 13, 2018. Steady cash flow is important for a small business. To grow and pay the bills,... read more

14 Best Finance Apps for Small Business Owners

Fees mentioned below are accurate as of the date of publishing. As a small business owner, you wear many hats, which means you probably appreciate... read more

Short-Term Business Loans for Bad Credit: Here Are Your Options

If your business needs a quick influx of cash, you might naturally think about a short-term loan. Although the interest rates for short-term loans are... read more

Why Small Business Owners Should Know About Assets, Liabilities and Equity

Running a business in itself a balancing act. But there’s one more task every small business owner should be doing that actually includes the word... read more

Starting a CrossFit Box: A How-To Guide

Six years ago, Jason Skeesick opened Bucktown CrossFit in Chicago with two of his rock climbing, CrossFit-loving Army buddies. They chose to open a CrossFit... read more

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