Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is a Chicago-based writer and editor who covers finance, business, health, and arts and entertainment. She has written for Chicago Tribune Media, Adobe, the Chicago Sun-Times and LendingTree.

Articles by Jennifer Thomas

Stories from Business Owners Working in the SBA’s Most Funded Businesses

Loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA) are valued for a few solid reasons. They offer low interest rates (typically 6 to 13%) and long-term... read more

Short-Term Business Loans for Bad Credit: Here Are Your Options

If your business needs a quick influx of cash, you might naturally think about a short-term loan. Although the interest rates for short-term loans are... read more

Business Loan Interest Rates: The Basic Guide

Starting a new business requires passion, drive and an idea that can be monetized. It also takes money to make money, so starting–and running–a business... read more

Does Your Business Need a Vanguard Small Business 401(k)?

Small businesses don’t have small goals and to accomplish those goals, they’re often going up against larger companies to compete for talented employees. “One of... read more

The 4 Best Trucking Factoring Companies

For many businesses, there is a lag time between when they provide a good or service and when they get paid for it. If the... read more

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