Jonathan McFadden

Jonathan McFadden is a copywriter at LendingTree and former newspaper reporter who loves comic books but hates the Oxford comma. Outside of his daytime gig, he manages a content writing and brand journalism startup.

Articles by Jonathan McFadden

How to manage your money during the coronavirus crisis

We know how uncertain things feel today because of the coronavirus outbreak. We also know uncertainty about health can lead to uncertainty about finances. Here... read more

5 facts about home remodeling no one likes talking about

Thanks to the magic that is TV, ripping out your floors, tearing up your walls and demolishing your kitchen or bathroom has never looked like... read more

Timely tips and tricks for spring cleaning your finances

Oh, spring! It’s our favorite time of year to take a hard look at how we’ve been managing our money and reducing our debt load.... read more

7 signs it’s time to renovate your home

Be honest: your home doesn’t sparkle like it used to. The longer you live in your house, the more you realize it’s not as flawless... read more

How to get financially savvy and stay that way

We’ve collected money management tips and insight from LendingTree women who are savvy spenders and savers. This is the final in a four-part series debunking gendered stereotypes about women... read more

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