Jonathan McFadden

Jonathan McFadden is a copywriter at LendingTree and former newspaper reporter who loves comic books but hates the Oxford comma. Outside of his daytime gig, he manages a content writing and brand journalism startup.

Articles by Jonathan McFadden

Debt consolidation helps retiree recover from crumbling credit

For most of his adult life, Carmine’s credit score was 800 or higher. But after 20-plus years as the owner of a successful retail company,... read more

Auto loan hacks from LendingTree’s car connoisseur

Given her history with cars, it’s a tad ironic Esther Barragan is LendingTree’s top auto financing expert. The door to her first car, a Volkswagen Jetta,... read more

‘We would’ve been homeless’: Dad finds home despite poor credit

On paper, there’s no way James Muffoletto should’ve been able to buy his two-story, $320,000 home in a lakeside Chicago suburb this summer. He had... read more

Why you should shop and compare everything, especially your loans

If you’re like most people, you probably like saving your money and hate wasting your time. That’s why sites that compare ticket prices for flights... read more

Personal loan helps mom bounce back after car sacks savings

On the outside, Ranetta Whiting’s 2013 Volkswagen CC Sport was a beaut with its candy white paint, luxurious design and alloy wheels. Under the hood,... read more

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