Larissa Runkle

Larissa is a writer living on the road. Originally from Massachusetts, she studied linguistics with Brandeis University before moving to San Francisco and working as a researcher with Dow Jones. She currently travels full time in a converted van and divides her writing between editorial work and branded content creation.

Articles by Larissa Runkle

High Income and Super Prime Borrowers Taking Bigger Share of Personal Loans on LendingTree Marketplace

Over the past 10 years, the amount of outstanding personal loan debt has increased by 75%. Personal loans are non-collateralized, installment-based loans. Unlike credit cards,... read more

Network Capital Funding Mortgage Review

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Does Credit Repair or Debt Management Hurt Credit Ratings?

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VA Funding Fee: What, Why and How Much

Like most closing costs associated with home loans, the details of VA funding fees can be tough to understand. The good news is VA loans... read more

Credit Repair, Rapid Rescore and Qualifying for a Mortgage

If you’re worried about whether you can get approved for a mortgage, chances are your credit score is your No. 1 concern. Depending on how... read more

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