Marty Minchin

Marty Minchin has written about business and finance for more than 20 years, covering everything from business startups to student loans. Her work has appeared in Newsday, MagnifyMoney, and numerous other online and print publications.

Articles by Marty Minchin

How Credit Card Debt Consolidation Works

Credit card debt consolidation is one way to manage ballooning monthly payments on multiple high-interest credit cards. When you consolidate debt, you take out another,... read more

Guide to Finding the Best Car Insurance for Teens

There’s no way around the fact that teens can be dangerous drivers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes that the crash rate for teen... read more

Your Guide to Student Loans Without a Cosigner

As student loans continue to make up the second largest debt market in the United States, studies show that more students are turning to federally... read more

How Do Student Loans Work? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

As college tuition costs continue to rise, student loans remain vital for many students hoping to afford a college education. Even with the numbers scholarships... read more

How to Avoid Student Debt: A 5-Step Guide

As college tuition costs continue to increase exponentially, the amount of student loan debt that students take on is also on the rise. According to... read more

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