Melinda Sineriz

Melinda Sineriz is a personal finance writer with 8 years of experience covering mortgages, personal loans, credit and more. She worked for 8 years in the insurance industry as an agent and manager and has written for finance publications including MagnifyMoney and Bizfluent.

Articles by Melinda Sineriz

The Best Places for Young Families in North Dakota

Starting a family is exciting and a little intimidating. You want to provide the best for your family and ensure your children have access to... read more

Reliance First Capital Mortgage Review

What is Reliance First Capital? Reliance First Capital was founded in 2008. The company is a direct lender headquartered in Melville, N.Y.; and, according to... read more

Indiana Debt Relief: Your Guide to State Laws and Managing Debt

Although Indiana ranks in the bottom 20% of all states when it comes to credit card and mortgage debts, that doesn’t mean it’s easy going... read more

How to Get a Reverse Mortgage

We all want to feel at home. And as we age, we want home to be where we feel the most comfortable and secure. That... read more

Guide to Understanding Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Insurance isn’t something most of us think about a lot, but it can be key to getting us through tough financial times. Health insurance helps... read more

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