Obinna Morton

Obinna Morton is a freelance writer, editor and content strategist. She covers small business and technology for numerous outlets, including LendingTree and Hub Magazine.

Articles by Obinna Morton

Commercial Real Estate Loans for Business

Your business has grown steadily for the last decade, and you’ve decided that now is the time to open a new location. You’ve shopped around... read more

How to Finance a Business: 6 Strategies for Financing

Which came first, the funding or the profit? Unless you’ve cracked the code to 21st-century alchemy, it will often times take money to make money.... read more

Understanding an Amortization Schedule vs. a Payment Schedule

Let’s talk payment schedules and amortization schedules, which are an important part of the small business loan repayment process. These schedules help borrowers stay on... read more

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Selling on Amazon

Amazon is a global brand that seems to exist in almost every facet of our lives. So it should be no surprise that the behemoth... read more

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