Obinna Morton

Obinna Morton is a freelance writer, editor and content strategist. She covers small business and technology for numerous outlets, including LendingTree and Hub Magazine.

Articles by Obinna Morton

Business Valuation Methods

Do you know how much your company is worth? Well, whether you are aware or not, a business owner can find themselves in a number... read more

Accounting Templates for Small Business

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software tool that contains graphs, calculations and tables and can be used by individuals and businesses to assemble data. For... read more

QuickBooks Payroll: How to Use QuickBooks for Your Small Business Payroll

According to its website, QuickBooks works with more than 1.3 million businesses managing payroll and taxes. Could your business be next? Developed by the creators... read more

Understanding The Basics of Revenue Forecasting for Your Business

Revenue forecasting is a calculated prediction about the future financial performance of a business, which also illustrates projected business growth. A business owner can complete... read more

Understanding Different Personalities in the Workplace

Sometimes opposing personalities work well together, and sometimes they don’t. The workplace is one place where this reality can play out because many people work... read more

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