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Obinna Morton is a writer for LendingTree

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Small Business Definition: How Exactly the SBA Defines a Small Business

When you think of a small business, what comes to mind? Maybe a business that a friend or neighbor started due to their passion or... read more

Where to Find the Secretary of State Business Search: State-by-State

The secretary of state maintains a database of all business entities registered within its borders. At first glance, there might be nothing to this public... read more

How to Start Your Own eBay Business

Chances are high you’ve checked eBay at least once to find an item cheaper than it would be at a retailer — maybe you even... read more

Small Business Management Advice from Top Entrepreneurs

There is certainly safety in being employed. You have a job. If it’s full-time, you work 40 or more hours per week and are most... read more

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