Ralph Miller

Ralph Miller is a writer who specializes in personal finance. As a strong consumer advocate, his writing offers a balanced view so you may make a realistic and sound choice when it comes to your personal financial decisions.

Articles by Ralph Miller

The Truth About The Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program

If you took out student loans to pay for your education, you may have found yourself asking: “How do I repay my student debt when... read more

Student Loan Interest Deduction

Student loans can be the financial vehicle to attain an education and a better job. When tax time rolls around, you’ll want to be able... read more

Government Student Loans: Unsubsidized vs. Subsidized Student Loans

Student loans can be a way to turn your career dreams and passions into a reality. When it comes to making decisions about how you’ll... read more

Student Loan Refinance: Know Your Options

Student Loan Refinance Options If your credit score has improved since you first took out your student loan(s), you may be able to lower your... read more

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