Zina Kumok

Zina Kumok is a freelance writer specializing in personal finance. A trained journalist, she has covered everything from murder trials to the Final Four. She writes about being mindful with your money at ConsciousCoincs.com

Articles by Zina Kumok

Everything You Need to Know About Using a Business Loan Broker

Even the most successful businesses tend to be financial black holes in the early days. It takes a while to smooth out inefficiencies, connect with... read more

AT&T Small Business vs. Verizon Small Business

Fees mentioned below are accurate as of the date of publishing. Every small business owner knows the importance of having a good team around them.... read more

Guide to Finding the Right Quickbooks Proadvisor for Your Business

Accounting for a small business can seem like an afterthought. At first, it’s just a small chore that you need to care of, but then... read more

What You Need to Know About Student Debt

College isn't cheap. And unless an individual has grants or scholarships, it's actually one of the most expensive things most people will ever pay for... read more

How to Refinance Law School Loans

For many, law school is a slog. In taking on such a high-pressure, high-stress degree path with an extremely heavy workload, it's not surprising that... read more

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