US homeowners are increasingly loving their homes, rather than listing them


Everything’s getting more expensive.

That includes our houses and even the money we borrow to purchase those houses. Your house has likely never been more valuable.


Buying a New Home vs Remodeling Your Current Home

Homeowners who are expanding their families and would once have purchased a larger house are now remodeling their current homes. It’s more cost efficient to get a home equity line of credit and borrow $100,000 to invest in your home than it is to purchase a new home and get an entirely new mortgage with skyrocketing rates, in most cases twice the rate of their current mortgage.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new, bigger and better home, you might consider fixing up your current home to make it work better for your family’s needs. Plus, the money you put into your home will increase its value.



Home Equity Line of Credit from LendingTree

If you’re serious about improving your home and looking for the best way to finance the improvements, shopping around to get your best deal on a Home Equity Line of Credit with LendingTree is the way to go.


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