Online Security: Protect Against Fraud

Fraud Alert

LendingTree is concerned with your online security, and we want you to be aware that we have seen an increase in online and phone scams using the LendingTree name illegally.  In these scams, the LendingTree name is used as a front to request either money or personal information.  Often these scams make promises of credit in exchange for “Advance fees,” “Upfront fees,” or “Insurance payments.”   Protect yourself by learning more about preventing identity theft and about how to protect yourself from mortgage scams.

If you have any doubts about the source of an offer, please log in to your LendingTree Spring Account to see the names of lenders who received your information from LendingTree. You can also visit our Lender Ratings and Reviews to learn more about lenders on the LendingTree network.

For more information on mortgage scams, please see The Federal Trade Commission’s “Message to Homeowners.”