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A new home. A new car. A new addition to the family. We build financial products and platforms that play key parts in the meaningful moments of our customer’s lives. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

We're a good team

LendingTree will spoil you on coworkers. The people here are brilliant talented, kind, goofy, and passionate. Be warned, after you join a team here, your work friends might just turn into real friends.

LendingTree Core Principles

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What we're built on

These are the six pillars of our company. Everything revolved around them–our culture, our business model, even our commercials.

When you work here you...

Get paid

We’re a financial tech company, so it’s kind of important to us to get money right. We offer biannual cash bonuses, stock options, 401 (k) matching and more.

Get fit

We’re invested in your health. Hit the in-house gym or attend a class with our on-staff personal trainer. Afterwards, grab some healthy snacks or a catered lunch.

Stay balanced

We want to be the job you’re passionate about, not the thing that defines you. So go home on time! Take that vacation! Recharge. It’s important.

Help landing the job

What’s the interview process look like? What should you wear to a LendingTree interview? What’s a question you should ask (and maybe some you shouldn’t)? Get some tips on getting a job here from the people who know more about it than anyone else.

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Still the best place to work

A few years ago we made these goofy videos about how fun it is to work here. Have they aged well? Debatable. Is it still a great place to work? Absolutely.

The Best Place to Work

LendingTree Core Principles

Still the Best Place to Work

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