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Represent. Belong. Thrive.

At LendingTree, we know our differences make us stronger. That’s why we’ve built a team bursting with unique perspectives, skills, and experiences. We embrace our differences, and our goal is to develop a culture of understanding and respect for our coworkers, customers, and communities. Through inclusive policies and equitable initiatives, we’re on our way.

Our Key Pillars

We focus on three key pillars in our mission to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive company. As our work continues, we’ll keep evaluating and sharing our progress to provide

Removing Biases & Barriers

We want our workforce to reflect the communities we live in. This means ensuring our recruiting processes are unbiased, our compensation is equitable, and all employees can grow their careers.

Building an Inclusive Environment

Respect and collaboration are contagious. We’re encouraging an organization-wide ethos that recognizes every employee’s contribution and makes sure their voice is heard.

Creating a Sense of Belonging

Developing a welcoming workplace takes the whole team, from junior employees to senior leaders. We’re working to instill a company culture where everyone can be themselves and do their best work.

Our Work in Action

Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive company takes more than words. 
We implement change in a variety of ways:

Mentorship & Growth

Everyone at LendingTree should have the opportunity to thrive. That’s why we created career conversations to highlight employees’ unique journeys and inspire others to find the path that’s right for them.

Honest Feedback

Our human resources team facilitates safe-space discussion groups across the company to better understand different employees’ experiences. The only way to keep getting better is to know what’s working well for people and what needs improvement.

Cultural Celebrations

From Dia de los Muertos to Black History Month, we honor important events through conversation, education, celebration and service. LendingTree offers financial support for employee volunteerism, and we match employee donations for a variety of causes.

Shaila Gupta

Manager, Email Marketing

“LendingTree is the only company I’ve worked for where we celebrate my cultural holidays with the same excitement and vigor that we celebrate more mainstream holidays. I feel so seen, heard, and understood to know that my company takes the time to celebrate my culture and identity.”

Jill Olmstead

Chief HR & Administrative Officer

“We know our company is better when we bring diversity to the table and listen to one another’s perspectives and experiences. It also makes work more rewarding and engaging when we each can show up and be who we are on a daily basis.”

Chris Woodfolk

Sr. Analyst, MyLT Business Strategy

“Embedded in the culture of LendingTree is a constant pursuit to improve employee inclusivity and belonging.”

Tonya Wrice Smith

Senior Agile Project Manager

“Bias is the enemy of creativity and innovation. Diverse thought is the fuel. Full potential cannot be reached without diversity of thought and incorporating a lens of inclusion and equity in all aspects of business.”

Rob Ploeger

Director, Software Engineering

“Diversity in the workforce brings a variety of views and ideas, leading to more effective problem-solving and increased creativity.”