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Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

A set of rules and regulations governing a condominium building. The CC&Rs can include restrictions on things such as noise levels, pet ownership, and renovations. These rules are enforced by the condominium association.

The convenience of living in a condominium also comes with restrictions.  Because of the close proximity of the neighbors, condominium complexes have Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs).  These place rules and limitations on residents of the condominium in order to make living in such close proximity easier on everyone.


Condominiums are somewhat like apartments.  It is in a building with several other units.  Each unit is individually owned.  With a condominium, there can be neighbors above, below, and beside each unit.  The common areas and facilities of the condominium complex are shared by each of the units’ owners.  Also, some condominium complexes have extra amenities, such as a pool or workout facility, that are shared by all of the owners.  In order to make it easier for all of the residents to share and enjoy these amenities, the complex has CC&Rs.


There are some standard CC&Rs.  For example, it is not uncommon for a condominium complex to either limit the number or size of pets or restrict them altogether.  Noise levels are also regulated with CC&Rs.  With neighbors above, below, and on either side, an extremely loud resident can quickly cause problems, so condominium associations head off this potential problem with noise regulations.  Also, most condominium associations also regulate the changes that unit owners can do to their condominium.  Only certain renovations are allowed by most CC&Rs. 


Although CC&Rs have the potential to be limiting and frustrating, they are actually in place to make life better for all of the residents.  It is a sort of politeness expected by the condominium association.  It is a way to make sure that all residents behave in a neighborly way.