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Curb Appeal

The initial attractiveness of a property, when viewed from the road. Sellers and real estate agents will often try to increase the curb appeal of a home by cleaning up the porch, trimming plants along a walkway, or giving the outside of a home a fresh coat of paint.

Curb appeal is that special something about a house that grabs you before you even step into the door.  If you are considering selling your home, take steps to increase its curb appeal before placing that for sale sign in the yard.

To increase your home’s curb appeal, you need to be able to look at your house objectively.  If that might be a bit hard for you, enlist an honest friend or get your real estate agent to help you.  Curb appeal begins while the potential buyer is still in the car.  How does your home appear from the street?  Look to see if it is attractive or if it needs some work.  Some common fix-ups to the outside of the home include improving the landscaping, touching up any paint, and working on the front porch. 

First, make sure that the lawn is mowed.  No one is going to buy the house if the front yard looks like it needs a machete taken to it.  In addition, trim and manicure all of the landscaping.  Trim the hedges and prune any trees that may need it.  Be sure to pull any weeds.  If it is autumn, take time to rake the leaves.  Clean up your front yard like it is a room of your home.

Next, check out the condition of your exterior paint.  It may be necessary to repaint the entire house.  If the paint is not too old or is in fairly good condition, perhaps a little touch-up paint is all that is needed.  Also, a light pressure wash can remove the layer of dust and pollen and make the paint appear fresher.

Finally, work on the front porch.  It needs to be welcoming and inviting.  Be sure that it is not cluttered.  Arrange any furniture on the porch so that potential buyers can easily envision themselves seated there enjoying the front yard.  Add some potted plants.  Also, clean it thoroughly.  It may be a good idea to pressure wash it and the front door.  At the very least, sweep it very well and have a welcome mat out in front of the front door.

Investing in the curb appeal of your home can really pay off.  Just a little effort can make your home more appealing and therefore easier to sell.