Carissa Chesanek

Carissa Chesanek is a personal finance writer with several years of experience covering credit cards, personal loans and student loans. She holds a Master’s in Journalism and has covered finance topics in publications, including MagnifyMoney, LendingTree, StudentLoanHero, PSFK and The Points Guy.

Articles by Carissa Chesanek

Commercial Bridge Loans

If you’re looking for lightning-quick funding to close a business deal, like buying a plot of commercial real estate, a commercial bridge loan might be... read more

Best Beauty Salon Loans

If you’re a hairdresser or nail stylist looking to open or expand your own business, beauty salon loans may help you get the funding you... read more

How to Open a Hardware Store in 7 Steps

Opening a hardware store can be a lot of work but with the right plans and tools, it can be an exciting investment. With the... read more

Freedom Mortgage Review

What is Freedom Mortgage? Freedom Mortgage is a lender with headquarters in Mount Laurel, N.J. Founded in 1990, Freedom now operates in all 50 states.... read more

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