Barbara Balfour

Barbara Balfour is a journalist with 19 years of experience covering topics such as finance and investment, business and entrepreneurship, and personal loans. Her work has been published in a range of business publications across North America and Europe.

Articles by Barbara Balfour

Nissan Financing Deals

Starting APR 0.00%Loan terms 12 - 72 months Looking to purchase or lease a Nissan? The in-house financing deals offered through the Nissan Motor Acceptance... read more

How to Avoid Buying a Lemon Car

Like the sour fruit for which it’s named, a lemon car might look great on the surface, only to reveal a nasty surprise on the... read more

How Bad Credit Affects You

While working on your credit score may feel challenging, it’s an essential part of building a healthy financial future. After all, having bad credit can... read more

I Can’t Pay My Bills: Which Debts to Prioritize First

Like many Americans, you may be staring at a pile of unpaid debts and thinking, “I can’t pay my bills.” Although getting out of debt... read more

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