Brynne Conroy

Brynne Conroy is a personal finance writer, author and speaker with over eight years of experience as a member of the independent financial media. Creator of women’s finance blog Femme Frugality, her site and her book — The Feminist Financial Handbook — have been nominated for multiple industry awards. Her work has been featured in both print and online publications such as VICE, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and MSN Money.

Articles by Brynne Conroy

Oregon Debt Relief: Your Guide to State Laws and Managing Debt

Oregon enjoys a median household income close to the national level of $60,366, but the state’s unemployment rate was the eighth-highest in the country, at... read more

The Ultimate Guide to Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

According to the Social Security Administration, men with bachelor’s degrees earn more than male high school graduates who have no degree by $900,000 over the... read more

Fast Cash Loans: Advantages of Personal Loans

When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, even small financial hiccups can turn into catastrophes. The water heater breaks. You get a flat. Your child gets... read more

Personal Loans With a Cosigner: Getting a Joint Personal Loan

A personal loan is an unsecured loan you can use for a range of purposes — from  consolidating debt or paying for a wedding to... read more

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