Devon Delfino

Devon Delfino is a personal finance writer who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Boston University. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including MagnifyMoney, NerdWallet, the L.A. Times, Teen Vogue, Mashable, Business Insider, MarketWatch, CNBC and USA Today.

Articles by Devon Delfino

Economic Recovery Amid Pandemic Strongest in Idaho, Kentucky, Kansas

Since February, the economy has slumped into a recession, impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  But for a variety of reasons, certain states are faring better... read more

Where Residents Rely Most on Debt to Make Ends Meet

As a general budgeting rule, it’s not wise to go into debt to meet day-to-day spending needs. But with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every aspect... read more

Where the Work-From-Home Trend Can Allow Americans to Have Fewer Vehicles

The coronavirus pandemic has upended Americans’ relationships with their commutes — and their vehicles. Businesses surveyed in May said they expect the number of work-from-home... read more

Best States for Interstate Travel

For many Americans, the coronavirus pandemic meant putting summer travel plans on hold. But as travelers learn more about what’s safe — and what isn’t... read more

Interest in Car Buying Spikes on LendingTree Marketplace Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has caused massive waves in the U.S. economy, but that doesn’t mean Americans aren’t still considering big-ticket vehicle purchases. In fact, data... read more

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