Hannah Rounds

Hannah Rounds is a personal finance writer with 4 years of experience covering mortgages, taxes, insurance and other consumer finance topics. She has a bachelors degree in Economics from Furman University. She writes for financial planners, non-profit housing organizations and numerous finance publications, including MagnifyMoney, LendingTree, CreditKarma, The College Investor and others.

Articles by Hannah Rounds

Santander Bank Personal Loan Review

Santander Bank is a lender with more than 600 branches, mainly in New England. If you’re a current Santander Bank customer seeking a personal loan,... read more

Personify Financial Installment Loan Review

Personify Financial is an online lender that focuses on issuing installment loans for subprime borrowers. These loans can have exceptionally high interest rate loans (up... read more

Integra Credit Personal Loan Review

Integra Credit offers personal loans with interest rates that reach well above 100% APR. Its loans may be a good option for bad credit borrowers... read more

Kentucky Debt Relief: Guide to State Laws and Managing Debt

Average household debt loads in Kentucky are below the national average. However, the state’s credit default rates — measuring debts more than 90 days delinquent... read more

Credit Score Requirements for an FHA Loan

An FHA mortgage is a loan that is guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration. FHA loans can be used to buy single-family homes, select condos,... read more

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